Båvens spinnhus

Yesterday I finally made it to Båvens Spinnhus. We always past it on our way to our country house. So yesterday did i noticed that they extended their opening hours on fridays.

Båvens spinnhus is one of the newest carding mills in Sweden and is located in Sparreholm an area known for its many oak trees. They specialise in old Swedish sheep breeds such as Finullsfår, Allmogefår and Värmlandsfår. Today a large percentage of good wool is being burnt instead of processed into usable wool and yarn, so I was excited finally having found carded wool from Värmlandsfår.

I was told that as soon as they have cleaned and carded these more rarer wool types they will be added on their webpage www.bavensspinnhus.se so keep your eyes opened if it sparkes your intrest. Beautiful yarn, gorgeous rugs and carded soft wool in all natural colours.


Art Batt

One of my first art batts.

I Love to mix colours that does not necessarily go together but when mixed, they create some interesting overlap nuances. In this one I mixed orange, hot pink, purple, black white, yellow and orange.

The orange is a merino top that i have hand dyed. It gives the wool a bit of a melange effect, a bit more life.

IMG_3078IMG_3126Art Batt

I will post more pictures of my other art batts

The Wool Thing

When wool becomes more than just fiber, more than just yarn, more than just a hobby. In other words, when wool starts to fill your home, mind and heart and live its own life, The Wool Thing. Welcome to feed your Wool Thing with some beautiful handspun yarn and creations.